Wild Incursions

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About us

“When you go out there (into the wilderness), you don't get away from it all, you get back to it all. You come home to what's important. You come home to yourself.”

Peter Dombrovskis

The proof is there.....

In recent years, numerous experimental psychology studies have linked exposure to nature with a heightened sense of well-being and purposefulness….

Read the studies....

What are Incursions?

Incursions are wild little excursions and activities in and around your school yard environment.

They are thought provoking and interactive sessions that tap into your schools natural surrounds – to help capture your students wonder and curiosity about themselves and nature.

We bring outdoor education into your school education….without leaving your campus!

Click on link below for a list of our Incursions!

What are Incursions?

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