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Outdoor Ed E-school

Outdoor Ed E-school

Scratching your head for some insightful online resources for Outdoor Education?


Well look no further.

We at Wild Exposure, we specialise in exactly that.


With twenty five years of Outdoor Education behind us, we have an array of programs that we can adapt to online learning for your students during the Coronavirus. These include activities that your students can do in the backyard or comfort of their own home. We can offer insightful resources on the following:


  • Connection to Nature documentary and resources (featuring Bob Brown exclusive)

  • Outdoor Education APP resourcefulness

  • Backyard nature trail

  • Backyard initiatives

  • Backyard environmental activities

  • Ryte of Passage

  • Connection to Nature documentary and resources

  • Nature sit spots

  • Animal Tracking

  • Bird spotting and Language

  • Bug Blitz

  • Worm farms

  • Living sustainably activities

  • Outdoor Ed phone APP resource


Contact Ro for more enquiries!

Outdoor Ed E-school | Wild Incursions

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