It’s Only Natural ‘Connection to Nature’ Documentary


“When you go out there, you don’t get away from it all. You get back to it all. You come home to what’s important. You come home to yourself.” 

Ever since the world famous wilderness adventurers and photographers Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis captured the Gordon River Splits (Tasmania, Australia) on film; it has enchanted so many of us wilderness seekers to be immersed in such a stunning landscape.’Words can scarcely describe the glory of the place’ is how Sticht described them in 1928. But the rarely touched jewel of the Splits has eluded all but the most dedicated due its terrifying rapids and remoteness……

Not only did my adventurous colleagues and I recently achieve that elusive dream on a recent white water expedition of a lifetime but we achieved something more on a physical and spiritual level. After recent illness (Lyme disease) and personal hardships (divorce) we re-established the life-saving connection to nature and we ultimately restored our souls. This is that story and our desire to share that message to the world; to help inspire everyone to re-connect with nature and ultimately themselves…

So come and join us on a journey into wilderness and also a journey into your own very nature.

Documentary released now. We are more than happy to host a film evening for your school or group! Please get in contact with us to arrange 🙂

Here is a sneak preview below!

Featured in Australian Geographic Magazine

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