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WILD Incursions

WILD Incursions

Exciting and new age Home Schooling Lesson Plans and Activities that

help inspire todays youth

to enjoy learning and education!




Do your students seem bored?WILD Incursions | Wild Incursions



Need to awaken them and raise their natural curiosity?


Well – we have insightful online resources that will help exactly with that!



Wild Incursions and activitiesAn array of insightful E-Lessons and Lesson Plans that are:



Promotes natural wonder and connection

Promotes mindfulness and awareness

And more!


It’s no secret that most modern education curriculums are outdated and uninspiring.

We are trying to bring the





Bright and colourful Lessons:

exciting e-lessons that connect to nature!
exciting e-lessons that connect to nature!


Explanatory short videos:

WILD Incursions | Wild Incursions



Interactive activities:

Wild Incursions E-Lesson
exciting e-lessons that connect to nature!


Our own award winning short films:

(click on image to watch the preview)

connection to nature documentary
connection to nature documentary

WILD Incursions | Wild Incursions


Choose from insightful and interactive E-Lessons, Lesson Plans or Activities such as:

** We are updating many of these lessons – so please check back in a couple weeks **
(click on each for more information)


It’s Only Natural (Connection to nature)

Mindfulness (Through Nature using Sit Spots)

Emotional Roller Coaster

Coming back to Earth

Tree’s for life

Navigating Your Way

The Ants Pants (Ant Wisdom)

Good Vibrations

Backyard Treasures

What the Robin Knows



Links to curriculum also provided for reference.


connection to nature sit spots

manage your emotions lesson plan

Connection to nature E-Lesson



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